My first talk

February 14, 2014

I was invited to give a talk at the Pune GNUnify OpenStack meetup. Here I needed to talk about my experience in FOSS and about my internship with OpenStack. You can find the presentation here. It was an amazing experience. Being my first public talk I was a bit nervous initially but then it went well. After the talk too I had many people coming up to me especially women who were motivated to participate in the program and get more involved with OpenStack. I met some people who are heavily involved in OpenStack in one way or the other, Sajid Akhtar, Kavit Munshi, Pranav Salunke and Rohan Kanade. We had some good discussions about encouraging more students to work with OpenStack by conducting workshops and hackathons where everyone could meet and work together. It ended with a fine dinner. Hope to keep interacting with more members of the community soon!

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