OPW'13 @ OpenStack

December 28, 2013

Starting with the Internship!

The project

My project with OpenStack involves working with two of the modules in OpenStack, namely Horizon and Ceilometer. Horizon is an implementation of OpenStack dashboard which provides a web based user interface to the services provided by OpenStack. Ceilometer provides to collect data within OpenStack and monitor it. The data it collects is known as the metering data and is measured in terms of CPU and network. My project needs me to integrate Ceilometer with Horizon by adding a new feature known as "sparklines" which would look similar to this. Sparklines would be generated by polling data from the Ceilometer and would be graphically seen on the dashboard for every instance created.

First two weeks

My internship started on 10 Dec 2013. Its been two weeks now and, I have been exploring new things in OpenStack everyday! I spent most of my time reading codes, running tests, using the command line interface so as to get familiar with the workflow. I also spent time in learning about the Django Web framework that OpenStack uses and trying out small examples using it. Any place where I am stuck, I post on the OpenStack mailing lists "openstack-dev@lists.openstack.org" or ask on the #openstack-horizon and #openstack-ceilometer IRC channels and get immediate solutions to the problems. This helps me to learn as well as to overcome the problem and hence avoid hitting a brick wall. Frequent communication with the mentors helps to build a set of targets that need to be worked upon to achieve the goals. So far its been very interesting and I am looking forward to be able to apply all that I have studied in these two weeks!

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