Pycon India 2014

September 30, 2014

I was amongst the 1300 people that attended the Pycon India event this year in Bangalore. It was a 3 day event which involved workshop on day 1 and conference on the other two days. I attended the two day conference and got to interact a lot of people and attend some good sessions that took place. Many companies like redhat, Blue Jeans, plotty, placed their booths in the conference area and were displaying their products and ideas and also providing open opportunities to the people to join them. We also got plenty of t-shirts at the conference. :D


One of the sessions that I found really interesting was the pannel discussion about the different python frameworks Django, flask and It was a very insightful and healty discussions involving the various features and the best scenarios to use the frameworks in order to make the most out of them. We also had Kushal Das and Michael Foord conducting the keynote sessions. It was really great to have such a core contributor of the python project amongst us and to be able to interact with them in person. Some of the other sessions that I found useful included how to process data faster in Python and Django design patterns.

Overall, I feel the event was more to do with interacting with different people, sharing ideas.

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