February 19, 2014

The past few weeks there has been a lot of interaction with the memebers of the OpenStack community with two meetups in town. First one being the Pune Gnunify OpenStack day meetup and the second being the Network Virtualization meetup where Martin Casado gave us a good insight to network virtualization. </br> At the same time we are trying to form a small group of students in Pune (my city) who are interested in OpenStack development or deployment. It would be a dev group where in work will be purely OpenStack so that we can have a group of enthusiastic contributers making good amount of contribution to OpenStack.</br> On the work front, I have been working on adding sparklines to the table cell for each instance running in OpenStack. With the help of my mentor, Ladislav Smola I could get past the first hurdle as after quite some time spent on writing and debugging the code written for sparklines it turned out that the linecharts were broken in the old master that I was using. So after fixing that by rebasing with the master, I see the sparklines for each instance in my dashboard. Now my next task would be to replace the mock data I am using with the actual meter readings I get from the Ceilometer. You can find the blueprint I am working on here . Also along with this I had been looking into this bug which helped me get a better idea of the file structure and have been confirming triaged bugs as I come across them.

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