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FOSS Outreach Program for Women

Outreach Program for Women(OPW)

  • Only for women
  • Need not be a student
  • Can only do it once
  • Happens twice a year
  • Projects involve coding, documentation, design, marketing, community

Motivation of the program

  • Increase the number of women in tech
  • Promote open source by contributing

    • Source code
    • Documentation
    • Design
    • Marketing
    • Community

Google Summer of Code(GSoC)

  • OPW was inspired by this
  • Only for students
  • Can apply as many times as you want
  • More organizations than OPW

Response to the program

Application Process

  1. Selecting a project
    • Select category of projects
    • Languages required or any other pre-requisite
    • Blueprints and related documentation
  2. Communicate with respective mentors for the project
    • IRC channels
    • Mailing lists
  3. Make initial contribution with the help of your mentor
    • Bugs
  4. Fill out application form and submit

Must have!

  • A patch
  • Mentor for the project

Interning with OpenStack

What is expected?

  • Willingness to learn
  • Get involved with the OpenStack community
  • Contribute to OpenStack
  • Patchsets submitted for review, reviewed by the community members

What you will achieve ?

  • Getting comfortable contributing to open-source
  • Great way to get involved with the community
  • Mentorship
  • 5000 USD ;)
  • Partial or complete funding to attend OpenStack summit
  • Job offers

About OpenStack Community

  • Welcoming
  • Very encouraging
  • Helpful
  • Active
  • Best community ever!:D

    Tom Fifield - OpenStack Community Manager
    Stefano Maffulli - Technical Community Manager at OpenStack Foundation

Ways to get involved with OpenStack

  • Coding

    • Bugs

      • Low hanging fruits on launchpad to begin with
      • Close old fixed bugs
      • Fix bugs
      • Triage incoming bugs
      • Reporting bugs
    • Blueprints
    • Review patches
  • Documentation
  • Translation - Internationalisation Team
  • Vulnerability Management
  • OpenStack Security Group (OSSG)
  • Contributing to the website
  • Programs like OPW and GSoC

Getting started with OpenStack Development

  • Gerrit- Web-based code review tool built on top of the git version control system intended to provide a light weight framework for reviewing every commit before it is accepted into the code base

  • Launchpad - The web interface for the Gerrit Code Review system will identify you using launchpad

  • Code Review - Web interface for Gerrit

  • "git-review"- Tool which is a git subcommand that handles all the details of working with Gerrit

Gerrit workflow

Selecting a bug

My first contribution

How the initial contribution helped?

  • Got familiar with OpenStack modules
  • Got familiar with the code base
  • Had the setup running for the project
  • Got familiar with the review system used
  • Interacted with the community

My project

Using ceilometer to provide sparkline visualization to horizon


The ceilometer project aims to deliver a unique point of contact for billing systems to acquire all of the measurements they need to establish customer billing, across all current OpenStack core components with work underway to support future OpenStack components.

What are sparklines?

A sparkline is a very small line chart, typically drawn without axes or coordinates. It presents the general shape of the variation (typically over time) in some measurement, such as temperature or stock market price, in a simple and highly condensed way.

What is the need of sparklines?

  • Intergrating Ceilometer with Horizon
  • Adding tiny sparkline-style infographics to instance views would add a lot to the at-a-glance usefulness of these interfaces

Future scope

  • Extending sparklines for other things like networks, volumes, stacks

Interns and Mentors for

Dec '13 - Mar '14

  • Sayali Lunkad (sayalilunkad)- Ladislav Smola

  • Cindy Pallares-Quezada (cpallares)- Flavio Percoco

  • Miranda Zhang (MirandaZhang)- Diane Fleming

Sponsors for

OPW Dec'13 - March '14

Contact Details

  • @sayalilunkad on Twitter and GitHub
  • Slides can be found here

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