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Open  Source with OpenStack

What is OpenStack?

  • Open and scalable cloud operating system
  • Used for building public and private clouds
  • Provides both large and small organizations an alternative to closed cloud environments
  • Reduces the risk of lock-in associated with proprietary platforms
  • Future of Cloud Computing

How did it start?

  • NASA open sources Nebula platform in April 2010
  • Rackspace decides to open source cloud software March 2010
  • NASA brings compute(Nova)
  • Rackspace brings storage(Swift)
  • First release in October 2010

What do you need for an Open Source project?

  • Code
  • License
  • Contributors
  • Documentation
  • Community

How Open Source projects work

What makes OpenStack a success

  • OpenStack Foundation

  • OpenStack Community

    • In 4 years we have 11,000 individual members from 130 countries and 1,000 different organizations at present

Cloud Computing future

Opportunities to start with Open Source projects

  • Internship opportunities:
    • Outreachy
      • Only for women
      • Need not be a student
      • Can only do it once
      • Happens twice a year
      • Projects involve coding, documentation, design, marketing, community
    • GSOC(Google Summer of Code)
      • OPW was inspired by this
      • Only for students
      • Can apply as many times as you want
      • More organizations than OPW
  • Just start contributing!

How to start contributing to OpenStack


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