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OpenStack Development

Creating OpenStack dev environment using DevStack

  • Devstack is a shell script used to deploy a complete OpenStack development environment.

    • Clone the devstack repo which contains a script that will install OpenStack.

        $    git clone
    • Now you will find a devstack directory where you cloned the repo

        $ cd devstack
    • Run the script to install OpenStack

         $ ./

What the scripts do?

  • We have run this script initially to install Openstack.

  • Stops all the services started by (mostly) mysql and rabbit are left running as OpenStack code refreshes do not require them to be restarted.

  • This script rejoins an existing screen, or re-creates a screen session from a previous run of

  • Runs style checking tools in devstack.

  • Does its best to eradicate traces of a Grenade run.

  • This script runs all the examples present in the devstack/exercises directory and reports on the results.

Default services provided by Devstack

  • Nova (API, Certificate, Object Store, Compute, Network, Scheduler, VNC proxies, Certificate Authentication)
  • Cinder (Scheduler, API, Volume)
  • Glance (API and Registry)
  • Horizon
  • Keystone
  • RabbitMQ
  • Tempest

Adding additional OpenStack services to Devstack

  • Additional services that are not enabled by default can be enabled in the local.config.

  • Examples:

    • Swift - Object Storage

    • Ceilometer - Metering Service

    • Neutron - Networking Service


Where is the code?

  • All the code related to OpenStack will be found here in


Openstack workflow management tools

  • Gerrit- Web-based code review tool built on top of the git version control system intended to provide a light weight framework for reviewing every commit before it is accepted into the code base

  • Launchpad - The web interface for the Gerrit Code Review system will identify you using launchpad

  • Code Review - Web interface for Gerrit

  • "git-review"- Tool which is a git subcommand that handles all the details of working with Gerrit


Setting up required accounts for contributing to OpenStack

Setting your local environment to contribute upstream

  • Create an ssh-key on your machine
  • Upload an ssh-key to Gerrit at

      cat ~/.ssh/
  • Run these steps to let git know about your email address:

      git config --global "Firstname Lastname"
      git config --global ""
  • Install git-review

      pip install git-review

Sending a patch Upstream!!

  • Clone the project repository you want to work on:

    • Sandbox: This is a sandbox so that lovely developers can test the tools and processes used for OpenStack development.
  • Go to the project directory:

      cd sandbox
  • Make git-review configure your project to know about your Gerrit

      git review -s

Sending a patch Upstream!!

  • Now make the changes you want to the project

  • Add the files to which you have made changes

      git add .
  • Commit your changes
      git commit -a
  • Push your changes upstream
      git review


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