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OpenStack Training Guides
Free Community Training
Sayali Lunkad
@sayalilunkad(IRC, twitter)

Free training for the community

Training guides project creates open source OpenStack Training content primarily used by:

  • Universities
  • OpenStack User Groups
  • OpenStack Upstream Training teams

Two Teams

  • Developers Team

    • Documentation/Presentations
    • Testing with Quizzes
    • Infrastructure/Labs
    • Audio Visual
  • Trainers Team

    • Provide Feedback to the developers team
    • Drive the direction of the overall training program

osbash demo

Project Goals

  • OpenStack training cluster
    • Automated Installation
    • Mimics OpenStack install-guide
  • Presentations/Slides
  • Example scenarios and uses cases
  • Quizzes
  • Audio/Visual aid for important topics


  • Automated Labs
  • Practical tests
  • OpenStack Koans
  • Free community training all across the world
  • Current use ‒ SF Bay usergroup
  • Upstream Training during OpenStack Summit
  • Some universities in Europe and USA

Training-Guides Labs: osbash

  • Provides scripts to automate the creation of the Training Environment.
  • How is this different from other automation tool?
  • Deploys - Multinode OpenStack on VirtualBox

osbash Architecture

  • OpenStack services installed on Controller node:
    • Keystone
    • Horizon
    • Glance
    • Nova
    • Neutron
    • Cinder
  • Openstack services installed on Network node:
    • Neutron
  • Openstack Services installed on Compute node:
    • Nova
    • Neutron

OpenStack workshop

Topics to be covered:

  • Deploying OpenStack Multinode
  • Using Openstack dashboard to:

    • Upload and manage images
    • Configure access and security for instance
    • Launch and manage instance
    • Create and manage networks
    • Create and manage volumes
  • OpenStack Command line clients


Get in touch

  • IRC ‒ Join us at #openstack-doc on IRC Freenode
  • Mailing List ‒

OpenStack Internships

  • OPW (Outreach Program for Women)
  • GSoC (Google Summer of Code)

Thank you!


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