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OpenStack Workshop

Deploying OpenStack Multinode

Training Guides Labs: osbash

  • Pre-requisite

  • How to run the scripts

    1. Clone the training-guides repo which contains scripts in the labs section that will install multi-node OpenStack automatically.

       $ git clone git://
    2. Go to the labs folder

       $ cd training-guides/labs
    3. Run the script:

       $ ./osbash -b cluster


  • Once osbash completes successfully you will have

    • Controller Node
    • Compute Node
    • Network Node
  • For more help you can check

      $ ./osbash --help

osbash components

  • OpenStack services installed on Controller node:

    • Keystone
    • Horizon
    • Glance
    • Nova
    • Neutron
    • Cinder
  • Openstack services installed on Network node:

    • Neutron
  • Openstack Services installed on Compute node:
    • Nova
    • Neutron
Multinode Architecture

OpenStack Dashboard

Overview Tab
Access and Security

Manage Instances

Connect to your instance by using SSH

  • Allocate floating ip to your instance

  • Use the downloaded keypair file.

  • Copy the IP address for your instance.

  • Use the ssh command to make a secure connection to the instance. For example:

      $ ssh -i MyKey.pem ubuntu@
  • At the prompt, type yes.

OpenStack CLI

  • You can ssh to each of the nodes by:

      # Controller node
      $ ssh osbash@
      # Network node
      $ ssh osbash@
      # Compute node
      $ ssh osbash@
  • Credentials for all nodes:

    • Username: osbash

    • Password: osbash

Openstack CLI

  • cd config/

  • For Admin user privileges:

      $ source
  • For Demo user privileges:

      $ source
  • List of CLI commands:

      $ keystone user-list
      $ glance image-list
      $ nova list
      $ nova flavor-list
      $ neutron net-list
      $ neutron subnet-list
      $ cinder list
  • For more CLI commands refer:

Launching instance using CLI

$ nova flavor-list
$ nova image-list
$ nova keypair-list
$ nova net-list
$ nova boot --flavor FLAVOR_ID --image IMAGE_ID --key-name KEY_NAME \
   --nic net-id=NET_ID INSTANCE_NAME

Thank you!

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